May 27

Calgary School Championship

Calgary School Championship will be held on Saturday, May 27th (Grades 7 - 12 ) and Sunday, March 28th (Kindergarten - Grade 6). Please register online at

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May 15

May Chess School

CJCC May Chess School will be held on Sunday May 14th. Please register online at

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May 6

Spring Fling Tournament

CJCC Spring Fling Tournament will be held on Saturday May 6th. Please register online at

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Apr 24

April Chess School

CJCC April Chess School will be held on Sunday April 23rd. Please register online at

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Apr 1

Easter Tournament and TD Workshop

CJCC Easter Tournament will be held on this Saturday April 1st. Online registration is at

We are also offering to adults and older junior players the opportunity to become Tournament Directors.  A Tournament Director Workshop will be held on Sunday, April 2 from 12-5 p.m.  Online registration is at

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Mar 26

March Chess School

CJCC March Chess School will be held on Sunday March 26th. Please register online at

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Mar 19

Calgary Chess Challenge

CJCC Calgary Chess Challenge Tournament will be held on Sunday March 19th. Please register online at

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Mar 4

St Patrick's Tournament

CJCC St Patrick's Tournament will be held on this Saturday March 4th. Please register online at

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Feb 19

February Chess School

By Guoliang Wu

our February Chess School will be held on Feb 19th. Please register online at

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Feb 4

Valentine's Day Tournament

Our Valentine's Day Tournament will be held on Saturday February 4th.

Please register at

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Jan 28

Calgary Youth Chess Championship

Calgary Youth Chess Championship will be held on Saturday January 28th.

Please register at

2017 Calgary Youth Championship.pdf

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Jan 22

January Chess School

Our January Chess School will be held on Sunday January 22nd.

Please register at

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Jan 14

New Year's Tourament

Our New Year's Chess Tournament will be held on Saturday January 14th.

Please register at

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Dec 10

Christmas Tournament Registration

Our Christmas Tournament will be held on Saturday December 10th. Please register at

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Nov 8

November Chess School Registration

Our November Chess School will be held on Sunday Nov 27th. Please register at

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Nov 1

Halloween Tournament - Saturday, November 5

Our Halloween Tournament will be held on Saturday, Nov 5th.

Please register at

Schedule: 1:00 – 1:15  Registration/Check-In
                   1:30              5-round tournament begins

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Oct 29

Calgary Junior Regional Championship

ChenXi Wu won the Open section in a tie break with Andre Tolentino with 4/5 and qualified for the Championship section of the upcoming Alberta Junior. Andre Tolentino wins the free entry to Alberta Junior by finishing Second. Ian Zhao and Patrick Tolentino finished with 3.5/5 and Ian Zhao won the third place in the tie break. 

The Under 1300 section had a four-way tie for the first place (with 4.5 out of 7) and in the tie breaker Kevin Qin won the first place with Khino Tolentino won the Second place and Yash Darvekar from Edmonton won the 3rd place. 

The Under 800 section had a clear winner for the first place Parth Sheth (5.5/7) with Matt Fu won the 2nd place in a tie breaker for 2nd and 3rd place (4.0/7) and Ammar Adurashidov won the Third place. 

In the Girls section Luth Gallemaso won the first place, Alice Ding won the second and Prerana Manoj won the third place.

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Oct 22

Calgary Junior Chess Championship - $1000 in Prizes Guaranteed

Pre-registration is at

Format: 4 sections: Open, U1300, U800 and Girls.

Schedules: Saturday 22nd, 9AM to 6PM, Sunday 23rd, 10AM to 2PM


    Open section

  •         1st place: Guaranteed spot at Alberta Jr Championship   $300 Travel    Trophy

  •         2nd place: Free entry to Alberta Jr Open Tournament  $50 Travel  $100 of coaching  Trophy

  •         3rd place: $50 travel   Trophy

    Other sections

  •     1st place: Free entry to Alberta Jr Championship corresponding section   $50 travel   $60 of coaching  Trophy

  •     2nd and 3rd places: Trophies

  •     All other participants will receive key chains or chess pencils.

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Oct 6

October 16th Chess School

October Chess School will be held on Oct 16th from 1PM to 5PM. Please register at

Level 1: Level 1: I-Basic Rules, II - Basic End Games

Level 2: I-Opening Review, II-Basic Tactics, III-Notation

Level 3: Basic tactical patterns (Forks, skewers, diversion, overworked piece)

Level 4: The Attacking Bishops!

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