The Calgary Junior Chess Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of junior chess in Calgary area.

The club is open to every juniors from beginner to master. Our goal is to help children and youth become the best chess players possible. We use a combination of group lessons, practice and game analysis.


We are affiliated with the Calgary Chess Club (CCC). 

2016-2017 Season Board of Directors



Guoliang Wu (remaining)


Angelo Tolentino (remaining)  403-680-4374

SecretarySharron Spicer (new)  

Ved Sharma (remaining)

Tournament Coordinator

Vlad Rekhson (remaining)  


Chess School CoordinatorDiwan Shi (new)
Chess in the Library CoordinatorKevin Zhao (new)
DirectorGiri Koneru (remaining)
DirectorVera Li (remaining)
DirectorSteven Peter (new)
DirectorChandra Popneja (new)


Yilong Qin (new)
Youth MemberDruv Jindal (new)
Youth MemberJerry Li (new)
Youth MemberLauren Spicer (new)
Youth MemberAndre Tolentino (new)
Youth MemberJeff Wang (new)
Past President

Paul Gagne (remaining) 403-771-2923

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